Looking To Sell Your Rolex Watch?

Do you have a watch for sale or would like to part exchange? If so please fill out the form and submit.

Please fill in all the required details such as asking price and contact details. Also to be very clear so there is no misunderstanding, On the conclusion of any deal, I would require the watch to be sent in advance of payment. Or you may bring the item to my store and collect the payment.

Please note that the shipping and any other charges will be at our expense, also if for some reason the deal is not concluded and the watch has to be returned, the return charges will also be at our expense.

We are especially looking for the following Rolex Sports Watches:-

Rolex Submariner Red Writing


Rolex Double Red Seadweller


Rolex Milguass


Rolex Cosmograph Daytona


Rolex Vintage Explorer


Rolex Vintage 'Steve McQueen' Explorer


Rolex Military Issue Submariner


Rolex Comex Issue Dive Watches

Please feel free to email any queries through to kkchoraria@yahoo.co.uk

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