Rolex Military Submariner Circa 1972

Serial No.: 3826397

Ref: 5513

Rolex Military Submariner Model No.: 5513 Circa 1972 and Issued 1976.

Stainless steel automatic wristwatch made for the British Special Boat Squadron. Has mint 10/10 Military issue black dial with original Military Gladiator hands and Military bezel. The dial is marked with a large "T" which signifies that the dial uses extra tritium and these are reserved solely for the British Armed Forces.

Along with the Comex Submariner ref 5514 and the Single Red Seadweller ref 1665, the Military Submariner issued for the Special Boat Squadron is highly treasured by the serious Rolex collector.

The watch is in breath taking original condition,


In the early 1970s, the British Ministry of Defence commissioned a very limited batch of Rolex reference 5513 Submariners, designed to enhanced specifications to meet the demands of their Special Forces.

These "Military Submariners", or "MilSubs", differ in many ways from standard production pieces. They feature thicker, sword-shaped hands for enhanced legibility, a rotating bezel calibrated to 60 minutes, an encircled "T" on the dial indicating the use of luminescent Tritium, and solid steel bars fixed between the lugs.

There are 3 series of the Navy Military Submariner:-

1) Standard ref 5513.

2) Double ref 5513/5517 (5513 on case and back:5517 on a lug).

3) Unique ref 5517.