Rolex Paul Newman Panda Daytona MK1

Serial No.: 2197903 Circa 1970

Ref: 6263 MK1

This timepiece bears all the correct details of a Mk 1 Paul Newman Panda with a 2.1 million serial number. The first, and most striking detail, is the Mk 1 dial, which features thin Rolex Oyster Cosmograph text without any serifs. The Paul Newman Panda generally features four subtly different dial configurations in accordance to the serial number, and later examples display sharp serifs.

The case back stamped 6239 is correct, as scholarship suggests that early reference 6263s were fitted with the leftover case backs of references 6239 and 6241.

Fitted with an acrylic bezel, the reference is also recognized for its screw-down pushers for improved water resistance. The present watch comes with its original riveted Oyster bracelet stamped for the third quarter of 1970.

This reference 6263 Panda is fresh to the market. Bought in 1970 by the father of the consignor, it was given to the latter for his 18th birthday, and worn sparingly.

Freshness to the market, rarity, attractiveness and desirability make this Rolex reference 6263 a must have in any fine collection.