Rolex Tiffany Paul Newman Daytona

Serial No.: 1988061 Circa 1969

Ref: 6239

Some of the rarest, most historically important and valuable Rolex wristwatches have been sold through the American retailer Tiffany & Co. The present watch featuring not only the jeweler's signature but also a Paul Newman dial, is an extraordinarily rare specimen. To date no more than a handful of correct examples have appeared on the market.

Featuring a three-dimensional dial with Art Deco style numerals, this ivory dial has aged with warm patina. At the time of production, retailers brought the dials to a third party to stamp their dials.

This watch most importantly has auction provenance. Known in the watch community, it was originally consigned by the original owner to auction five years ago and has resided in an important private collection for a number of years. Today, more than ever, provenance is particularly important in authenticating watches, demonstrating how the watch has been unaltered throughout the years, giving the buyer and collecting community a frame of reference and seal of confidence.

Presented in honest and original condition, this watch also features the "ROW" stamp on the movement, indicating that it was made for the American market - an attribute that is correct for this dial configuration.

The rarity and honesty of the present watch, combined with its good looks, renders it one of the most exciting and beautiful examples of reference 6239s to ever appear in the public eye.